Agriculture Loan

  • Loans granted for a period exceeding twelve months, except in case of sugarcane crops are called Medium Term Loans.
  • The Bank will issue Medium Term Loans for the following agricultural purposes
    • a. For minor improvements of land such as reclamation, fencing etc.
    • b. For waste land development
    • c. For purchase of live stock for Agricultural Purposes
    • d. For construction and improvement of farm houses or cattle sheds
    • e. For minor irrigation such as; Shallow Tube Well, Dug Well, purchase of Pump set and Sprinkler
    • f. For dry land farming.
    • g. For farm mechanization such as; purchase of Tractor, Power tiller, Harvester and other implements.
    • h. For organic farming and contract farming under agriculture
    • i.For establishment of Export Zone.
    • j. Transport, Equipments such as Bullocks, Carts, Trailers etc.
    • k. For allied activities, such as; Dairy, Poultry, Piggery, Pisciculture, Goatery, Sheep rearing etc.
    • l. For Horticulture activities.
    • m. For construction of Cold Storage and Rural Godown etc.
    • n. For establishment of Agro Service Centre, Multi Service Centre, Agro Clinic etc.
    • o. For any other purpose as decided by the Board of Management of the Bank from time to time.
  • M.T. Loan will be granted as per the unit cost of the project proposed to be created/established and as per the loan policy of the Bank. The Bank will sanction loan taking into consideration the realistic unit cost depending upon the local conditions and merits of each case.