The Objects of the Bank

  • To raise funds for financing co-operative societies, Employees credit Co-op. Societies, Handloom Co-op. Societies and any other co-op. Society permitted under NABARAD Act Registered or deemed to body corporate enrolled as nominal member of the Bank in accordance with Act, Rules and Bye-laws has amended from time to time.
  • To develop, assits and co-ordinate the work of the affilied societies secure them financial help whenever necessary , arrange for their supervision and inspection.
  • To organize co-operative societies for the promation of thrift , self help and mutual aid among agriculturists and other persons for promotion of economic interest of its members in accordance with co-operative principles within the policy guideline of-govt, NABARAD.
  • To propagate the principles of co-operation , sound agricultural practices by disseminating information, publishing pamphlets and arranging conferencs and conduct training, awareness camps, hold seminar for skill up-gradation of officials and non-officials and also members of the affiliated co-op. societies, SHGs.
  • To arrange for supply of stationery , books, forms, iron chests etc., required by the affiliates societies.
  • To carry on general business of banking as define in the Banking Regulation Act 1942 and.
  • To accept corporate agency of the insurance companies to sell life and non-life insurance products to boost the non-found business of the Bank.
  • To organize SHGs and to promote Micro Finance among the economically poor directly or through affiliated PACs and LAMPCS.
  • To undertake such other work as will promote the cause of co-operation and to do all such things as may be necessary or desirable for the accomplishment of the aforesaid objects with the guidelines laid down by RBI, NABARD and the Registrar as the case may be .