The Berhampur Co-operative Central Bank Ltd., Aska is registered under the Orissa co-operative societies Act 1962 [Orissa 2 of 1963] and its registered office at Aska, post: Aska ,District: Ganjam. Change if any , in the address shall be informed to the registering authority, Auditor General of Co-operative Sociteties and its Financing Bank within 30 days of such change.

The Berhampur Co-op. Central Bank Ltd., hereinafter shall be referred as "the Bank".The bank by a resolution of the committee may open branches at any place within its area of operation with prior sanction of the Registerar of Co-operative Societies. The area of operation of the bank shall extend to the whole of Ghumsur Division (Sub-Division) and the Athagada Estate of Kodala Taluk as well as the villages of the Chhatrapur Taluk situated on the western bank of the Ghodahado river exceptiong the Co-operative Societies (1) Burupada (2) Kanjama and (3) Khondra which are financed by the Berhampur Co-operative Central Bank Ltd.